The Importance of Professional Carpet Cleaning

professional carpet cleaning

Your carpet takes the brunt of the wear and tear in your home, but it usually does not get the cleaning and care attention it deserves. Even if you maintain a regular vacuuming schedule, there is no way to remove all of the dirt, dander, and allergens buried in the fibers without the help of a professional carpet cleaning service. Turn to the pros at D-Pro Restoration to get a floor that is

clean enough to live off of.


Professional Carpet Cleaning Gets the Dirt You Cannot Reach

Even the most sophisticated vacuum cleaners only work so well. Most people haul out their vacuum about once a week. If your floors see heavy traffic or if you have kids and pets, your floors need much more love than that. With tools like heavy-duty vacuum and steam cleaners, we get rid of hidden dirt and dust that negatively affect the indoor air quality of your home.


These professional tools and cleaning processes also help us keep your carpet looking like new longer. Our tried-and-tested cleaning process pulls out dirt that lies deep in the carpet fibers to keep your floor looking as good as it feels.


Professional Carpet Cleaning Decreases the Risk of Allergies

Poor indoor air quality creates an environment rife with potential allergens that can cause a wide range of issues for you and your family. Dirt, dust, and dander increase your family’s risk for suffering from allergies. Without professional cleaning, these allergens can also trigger an asthma attack or other respiratory issues.


When homeowners vacuum, they often pay the most attention to the living room and other high-traffic areas and neglect places like the bedroom where people tend to walk barefoot. The dirty carpet in the bedroom has a higher chance of causing allergy attacks, though, because you breathe in the allergens as you sleep.


Professional services like ours that use botanical-based products not only target the allergens in your carpet, but also keep you from inhaling harsh chemicals that are often found in commercial cleaning products.


Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Extend Your Flooring Warranty

Hiring the professionals to clean your carpets is one of the best ways to extend the life of your flooring. Not only does professional cleaning maintain the original aesthetic appeal of your carpet, but it can also help you keep your warranty. In fact, many carpet manufacturers require that you get your floors cleaned professionally every one-two years to maintain your warranty. Simply hiring us to clean your carpets once a year protects your investment in your floors so they stay in top shape for many years.


At D-Pro Restoration, we provide the professional carpet cleaning services you need without the hassle. We give you a free estimate for our services, we only use IICRC trained technicians, and we clean with botanical, eco-friendly products to give you the cleanest carpets possible. To learn more about our services or to set up your evaluation and free estimate, call us at (872) 810-3776.

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